Auto-generate username during registration

Hello Community,

i almowst searched half of the day to find a option where i can disable the username form during new user registration.

I don’t want give me users the possibility to choose their usernames, it should be auto-generated from their first- and lastname.

Maybe someone can help me so find that setting.

If there is no setting, its now a feature request :wink:


I think not possible unless coming from an external authentication source. So yes feature request :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
I am facing now the following issue. I want at register process to convert the username from:
“Mag Tudor Jador”
mag-tudor-jador-{7-char-random-string} so in the end I would get somthing like: mag-tudor-jador-38dz64x

My current version is:

|  Rocket.Chat Version: 3.0.4                      | 
|       NodeJS Version: 12.14.0 - x64              | 
|      MongoDB Version: 4.0.17                     | 
|       MongoDB Engine: mmapv1                     | 
|             Platform: linux                      |

In order to do this, do I need to pull the whole project, make the change in “registerUser.js” and then compile it again OR is there any other “faster solution”

By the way Rocket.Chat rocks! I really like it a lot!

Thank you!

Hi guys,
I have found the way how to gerenate username and how to skip the “username”-Screen for confirmation.
I did it the hard way.