Atlassian Confluence Integration

Has anyone figured out how to get Conflunce (self-hosted) to integrate? Basically notifications about page updates, comments, new pages, etc from Confluence to appear in a channel.

I’m not sure if this is an app request. This new topic may be mis-categorized.

I think that’s something that needs to be developed for Confluence, something like an addon or an app. RC is already able to receive messages from Confluence (Webhook), it just needs to be triggered with a payload (message formatting can be done on RC side as well).


From what I understand Confluence only has webhooks for the cloud.

I saw someone trying to get it working using the slack integration for confluence which also seems to be how how mattermost does it and I’m guessing probably the only way Rocket Chat will work unless someone makes a confluence addon.

I think the issue is getting the integration code to work.

Hi all,

We have already submitted a plugin for Confluence Server on the Atlassian Marketplace and are awaiting its approval!

Soon enough we’ll have an official integration with Confluence Server :slight_smile:

So keep an eye on our marketplace for it :wink:

@douglas.gubert Is there some documentation how this plugin/app works?
Especially is the username and password used for “/confluence-server install” saved permanently in or only used once?


I try everything, but can’t understand how to use this

I put webhook address, in one place what i found in confluence

And all what i see in app logs is this

Where is room must be set? i seeking all confluence system and does not see this
My Confluence version is 6.12.2

What’s i do wrong?

P.S. Stupid rules about one image and two link’s!!!

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I got as far as this:
After copying the webhook-URL in the confluence-plugin, I got a new “/”-command in channels I am owner of:
Then you have to setup the confluence connection with the channel: “/confluence-server install url_to_confluence user password”
If this is successfull you can subscribe to spaces with “/confluence-server connect”, this gives you a dropdown menu with spaces the user has permissions for you used for setup.
Then confluence tries to call the webhook when something is changed in the space, but as far as I saw in my logs it throws errors in confluence and nginx-logs on looked like the webhook is called with a wrong URL and via GET. I think it should be POST…
But perhaps the confluence admin messed something up with the hook-url…we decided to wait for the next update und try again later


Wow… tnx for command, i did not so smart to try seeking there.
But for me it’s not working too
i take this error:

  "{\"stack\":\"Error: Invalid http response
    at ConfluenceServerAPI.request (evalmachine.<anonymous>:27:19)
    at <anonymous>
    at process._tickDomainCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:228:7)\",\"message\":\"Invalid http response\"}"

Make another admin user, try everything… Nothing help me.
But now i can understand how integrate jira, and it.s work with some big bugs. Anyway it’s says “I am working” and can show info abut differet issues in jira. Events from projects does not coming, but i can see it’s in log

I done integration!!! :partying_face: - 0.74.2
Confluence - 6.12.2

  1. Install plugin (Confluence Server Integration) from marketplace to you local server. How install, hmm… i press copy url button in market place and put url to my server (administration/app/"+" upper right coner). Next just press install.
    Here u can take webhook url, wrote user name for notification and picture (do not touch for now).
  2. Install plugin (Rocket.Chat for Confluence) to you Confluence server. All settings what you get is Administration -> Configuration
    Here put url from step 1.
  3. Condition Confluence Server must see server and backwards by DNS name! So if you confluence url is http://conf.serv.local:8090, u must can able ping from server DNS name conf.serv.local and resolve IP address. (i stuck on this simple error for some days)
  4. Go to any room in and type /confluece-server install - u will see very simple instruction
    for integration. You need to run simple command like /confluece-server install http://confluence.server.local:8090 admin 12345678 (description has an error, missed command install)
  5. After integration use command /confluence-server connect <space key> and integration is finished.
  6. Last Condition user must be added to same room and have rights for write messages

Thats all, have a nice day!

p.s. sorry for orthographic errors :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for sharing the solution @Georgiy!

I’d love to get this integration up & running as well. But, I’m already on Confluence server version 6.15…
When do you plan to upgrade your plugin in order to support higher versions, @douglas.gubert ?

Thanks @Georgiy!

Last Condition user must be added to same room and have rights for write messages

That was my reason…
@douglas.gubert , i’ve configured RC-Confluence integration using this guide , but why there is nothing about the user “”?
Thank you