Atlassian Confluence Integration


Has anyone figured out how to get Conflunce (self-hosted) to integrate? Basically notifications about page updates, comments, new pages, etc from Confluence to appear in a channel.

I’m not sure if this is an app request. This new topic may be mis-categorized.


I think that’s something that needs to be developed for Confluence, something like an addon or an app. RC is already able to receive messages from Confluence (Webhook), it just needs to be triggered with a payload (message formatting can be done on RC side as well).



From what I understand Confluence only has webhooks for the cloud.

I saw someone trying to get it working using the slack integration for confluence which also seems to be how how mattermost does it and I’m guessing probably the only way Rocket Chat will work unless someone makes a confluence addon.

I think the issue is getting the integration code to work.