Apps Feature - Document and examples

Here the Apps means something related to Rocket.Chat.Apps-cli/ at master · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.Apps-cli · GitHub,

We are very interesting in this feature, but can not get more information from the document, we found many code like:

We want to understand how to implement a APP and what it can do.

Could you provide more document?

You can find sample Apps here: GitHub - graywolf336/RocketChatApps: Various Rocket.Chat Apps that are useful or can be used as templates.

Another App:

And you’re right, there’s still a lack of documentation, but this will change in the future as the App Framework is not official released yet :slight_smile:

Another App:

There is a very minor amount of documentation here:

I’m kind of confused… it seems like you are answering your own questions?


thank you for reading.

I just copy the content from the github as MartinSchoeler asked to this community.

I can not copy more links as I am a new user.

more detail can see from the original issue.