Apps and marketplace fails to load... 🙀

Pretty much as it says in the subject headline.

Rocket chat fails to load the Apps window and the Marketplace window in the “Administration” pane. It does display a blank red error window but it doesn’t print into that any error message. As per screenshots below:



Server information and version:

The server is connected to the " Connectivity Services" in the Rocketchat cloud.
Selfhosted - community version.

Any ideas of what is going on? :thinking:

Thanks a bunch in advance for any help that could help me solve this issue! :heart: :+1:

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Have you seen some logs about it? It can be on server logs or even in the browser.

This may be caused due to server connectivity. I have seen previous cases of server requiring a proxy, or not having internet access at all.

Hello and thank you @dudanogueira for the reply.

No current logs at the time being.
Where should I look for them in the system if you need a copy?

The server has access to the internet, (VPS). No proxy needed.
That part works fine. Can connect both through browser and the chat client and do various tasks too. But the app store is the thing that fails to load.
(It used to work in the past just FYI)

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Well. if it worked once and stopped, that’s strange.

How have you deployed it?

can you run a traceroute to

We have deployed it through snap our own Ubuntu Linux VPS server.

That is not possible I suppose because we are not hosted by you guys, but self hosted/on-premise.
(Or did I misunderstand your thinking about the above?)

Thanks again.
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the idea of traceroute is to see if you have connectivity to our cloud.

you can run, at the server terminal:


this will show all the path of a request to touch our cloud server. You may want to send this to me in private, or redact the initial IPs so you don’t unveil your production IP :slight_smile:

Thanks @dudanogueira
I see what you mean. How can I send you a private message?
Is it through the forums at your profile page?

Or do you have an work email at that I can email too?

Thanks in advance
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It can be any of both. My email is


Hi Duda.
I’ve sent an email to you.

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Hello @dudanogueira

So did you revive the email from me with the short screencast .m4 recording of the trace?

Thanks in advance
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Hi! Sorry for the late response.

so your instance does have access to the cloud.

Can you confirm you can sync the server, at the connectivity services option in Admin?

Hi :smiley:

Yes that works fine. See the screenshot below.

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