Announcing Rocket.Chat T-shirt Design Contest

Dear Rocket.Chat community,
As you may know, we announced last week that we’re undergoing a Brand Refresh. The main reason behind this is that our rocket is growing, and we needed to update our brand for it to grow with us - but please don’t worry, we’re not losing our beloved rocket symbol. :slight_smile:

As Rocketeers, we feel like a big part of our identity is represented by our Rocket.Chat T-shirts. That’s why we want to ask for your help to design our brand new Rocket.Chat T-shirt.

So we’re happy to announce that our very first T-shirt contest starts this week!

From this Thursday on, you’ll have 7 days to submit your amazing new design ideas through the 99designs platform. The official link to join the competition will be shared on our social media on the start day and will remain live from October 22nd to the 29th.

After the submission week is over, we’ll decide the Top 4 T-shirts internally.

But the winning design shall be decided by you: we’ll put them up to a vote on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So if you don’t feel like designing a new shirt, you can still help by voting!

The winning design will become one of Rocket.Chat’s official T-shirts and will take a prize of USD 300.

This post is just a heads-up, the official contest starts on Thursday. You can read more about our brand refresh and about the competition rules here.

We can’t wait to see your ideas! :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,
our official T-shirt contest is now LIVE!

For anyone wanting to participate, you have one week to submit your T-shirt ideas to our team through the official contest link. After the submission time is over, Rocket.Chat will decide the top 4 designs that will be put to a vote on our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. If you’re not a designer yourself, make sure you participate by voting on your favorite T-shirt!

The winner takes a prize of $300 USD and the amazing honor of calling themselves the designer of our official T-shirt!

*Please keep in mind that the 99designs platform is not displaying the correct information about the contest. The official contest information is on Rocket.Chat’s blog. We guarantee that the competition will be extended to 7 days of application and the reward for the winner will be of minimum of $300 USD.

To join the official contest, click here! We’d love to see your designs. :slight_smile:


The winner has been decided!
We’d like to thank everyone who participated and voted on our very first T-shirt contest! The winner has been decided today, after one week of public voting on our social media.

You can check the winning design on our Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages. Thank you and until next time! :slight_smile:

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