Android app login is ok but after if i try to interact the self-hosted docker RC server restarts, mobile not usable, browser and desktop devices work

Hi all,
I did setup a docker self-hosted environment on vm linux and everything works fine with browsers and desktop applications. Whenever I use official android app I manage to login to my server and see the available discussions/rooms but whenever i try to enter in one of them it starts trying to connect to server and if i look at the server it is restarting without any logged error. Whenever i try to interact from my app to the server this causes the docker server to restart and app hangs in that state (probably it’s the update request from the app to the server?). I am using MongoDb old version since my machine does not support AVX.
Rocket.Chat Version: 6.0.0
NodeJS Version: 14.21.2 - x64
MongoDB Version: 4.4.15
MongoDB Engine: wiredTiger
Platform: linux
Process Port: 3002
I tried different versions of rocket chat server (back to 5.4.2 for example) and of the app (back to the 4.17 for example) but i am still experiencing the same issue. Please any idea/suggestions? Many thanks