Android app 2.3.0 starts with notification window (google play services upgrade)


After updating the android app to 2.3.0 i get a warning every time i start the app. “Google Play Services will be upgraded”) (translated from german, maybe incorrect). But i do not have any google play services installed at all. Is there a way to suppress this notification?

thanks and cheers

I’m not sure why it says upgraded… I know the app does depend on google play services. This is how push notifications are delivered.

@rafael.kellermann any idea why it would prompt for upgrade?

@himbeere @aaron.ogle We updated the library used to handle push notifications on the migration from GCM to FCM (the new Google Push Notification services).

If you don’t need Google Play Services, you just won’t receive notifications on the app.

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Well I have the microg patches in place so i get notifications without google play services. Maybe thats part of the problem?

thanks and cheers

Oh… yes! Now we’re using FCM to receive push notification.

Here is one topic where another app broke with microg and FCM.