An error such as file or directory

Good afternoon! In the logs there is always a mistake:

What is this file I did not understand, and the error on this error, too, did not find.

Debian 9.4
Rocket Chat 0.65.1

errno: -2,
code: ‘ENOENT’,
syscall: ‘stat’,
path: ‘/tmp/zipFiles/’}
{Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘/tmp/zipFiles/’

What is your file store set to?

What is meant by storing files?

File system?

In the settings (Storage type) FileSystem is specified

Yes exactly storage type sorry. :slight_smile:

Filesystem, as I thought. How many instances of Rocket.Chat do you have running? Any more details about your setup would also be helpful

We have one copy of the application. Installed on your manuals, mixed with the publicly available in my language :slight_smile:

Now once again I checked the log, except for this error, there is nothing else.

Can you more specifically specify which settings are of interest?

Information with general settings:

service status:

Did you attempt any sort of slack import or other type of import?

Trying to figure out why it would even be looking at that directly. /tmp/ufs would be expected but not /tmp/zipFiles

No, we did not use imports from the slack. And in general, there was no import. We have synchronization with domain users.

And can you explain what kind of file is it and where does it look?

This is exactly what i’m trying to figure out. Nothing i’m aware of even looks in /tmp/zipFiles

Can your provide more logs from around that error? We must be missing some context.


I am not sure if you have figured this issue out already.

Basically a user in your organization requested to download his data and it was generated and listed in rocketchat_user_data_files table. It creates the file under /tmp/zipFiles and since it is removed from filesystem usually on every boot it is not able to find the zipfile there. To remove this issue from logs you can just remove the document causing the issue from the database.

You can also cleanup rocketchat_export_operations in case there is something queued and not processed because of the first error.

I faced the same problem today and that’s how I was able to sort it out.