Always show Member List on the right


Good morning.
How is it possible to display the sidebar on the right by default, without a need to click on it first?
And disable users from closing it?



Currently not possible. I’ll move this to a feature request.

BTW I like the theme! Looks slick :slight_smile:


Hi Aaron,
Is that possible to create a link to the members-list from the popover list in the sidebar? I would like to open the Members List tab from the sidebar drop-down list without entering the room. membersList


You might be able to run some JavaScript to pull it off. Maybe call the same method that is called when you click the button? You’d have to dig in the code a bit


Hi Aaron,
thanks for your response.
There are quite a few files involved in the action of tab events, and I cannot find which click event is responsible for opening the appropriate tab. Do you maybe know which file I have to dig in to call the right event?
mebersList.js or corresponding HTML files.
I have already added to the sidebarItem.js the members’ list with the condition to only shows in direct or private groups. But obviously, there is no tabs event in the sidebar items was initially created.
Any help appreciated.


I think something has changed because you have the Member List always visible on your own support channel?

Can you tell me how I can set this up in my own RC installation?