Remove the button "list members"


hello, i try to add css to hide the button "list member " like this : .rc-old .flex-tab-container .flex-tab-bar .tab-button:nth-child(n3){display:none !important;}
But the “nth-child(n3)” doesn’t seems to work
anyone could tell me why?
or another way to remove this button?


One quick thing. nth-child only accepts numbers. You’ve got a letter in there. Other then that my only suggestion would be to try and find a more specific selector.


Thank you,

even i put (3) instead of (n3) it doesn’t work.

But i finaly succed with :

div[title=“Liste des membres”]{

thanks for your help


Great. Just beware if someone uses a different language it will break. So if important to keep hidden you’ll want to include for multiple languages.

If your goal is to prevent from seeing other users… Please be aware that there are several other ways to find all users on a system. You should look at permissions if you want to prevent them from seeing other members on a server.


thank you for the warning :slight_smile:

i already set up the permission. I just didn’t want to people to call each other with the button, call and videoconference present in the tab “list members”


If disabling that is your end goal update to 0.61.0

You can turn video conferencing on or off as well as control if they are visible in public channels.

It no longer will appear as an option on member list, but a dedicated button in the contextual bar on the top right.


Thank you for the tip! :slight_smile:



if someone could help me with javascript?
I am trying to put a condition to my css.

In my html :<h3 class="sidebar__account-username" data-username="Silvia">@Silvia</h3>

I would like to add custom css when it’s not me that is logged in

if sidebar__account-username.getAttribute("data-user-name") != "Silvia"{

add this custom css : .tab-button:nth-child(3){display:none !important;}


If someone could write down this script for me?


Looks to me like you’ve already wrote some JavaScript :wink:

Other than your if needing fixed. Should be if (statement) {

It looks like should be a good start