After Database Migration Uploads stuck at 0%

RocketChat 4.6.3, Mongo 5.0.7 / wiredTiger (oplog Enabled). Database Migration 258 (April 25, 2022 8:14 PM).

Chats are working fine. File uploads stuck at 0% from all clients. Tried switching to filesystem and same and tried switching back to fridfs and same.

I also tried reindexing the uploads with no effect:

docker exec -it mongodb mongo
use rocketchat
db.rocketchat_uploads.chunks.createIndex( { files_id: 1, n: 1 }, { unique: true } )


Have you seen this other thread?

I did see that message. So, I have discussion threads running normally except for picture/image uploads. I don’t know what a manual database restore is which is what the linked article refers to. I did a database backup a few days ago when I converted from mmap to wiredTiger as prescribed. Do you know what commands I can use to fix this?