Adding Screen Share in rocket chat 3.0.2

Hi ,
someone please help me to adding screen sharing to rocket chat 3.0.2.


I’m not sure whether you mean Rocket.Chat server 3.0.2 or client 3.0.2 ?

Can you please clarify?

yes server version it is

Before anything else please upgrade to at least 3.15.x

Your version is unsupported so any issues with it are not going to get fixed.

ok thank you
so it is not possible to add screen share in RC server version 2.4.14 right ?
also please let me know as i found two options for screen share in rocketchat

  1. Dead Simple Screen Sharing
    can i use these two addons in rocket chat opensource versions of server and is these two addons free to use.

can you please provide step by step porcess of rocket chat server version upgrade from 2.4.14 to current , and also kindly tell me how to take users chat history backup from rocket chat server.

Read this:

How to ask for help

But note your upgrade process will depend on your install type.

Just take lots of backups. Search for mongodump / mongorestore.