GSoC 2019 - Theme Support for Rocket.Chat Android App - Noor Binte Amir

This project brings different themes support like dark mode and black mode into the existing Android client. It enables any developer to create a theme for the Rocket.Chat Android app without the need to work with the core codebase.

Final Submission Report:

Project PR:


Theme Engine

  • A theme engine with a well designed architecture that supports external development of themes and easy integration with the app. The theme engine uses MVVM.
  • Successful integration of themes with app without changing the source code of the app.
  • Seamless transition between themes.
  • Theme Engine UI

Built In Themes

The theme engine comes with a theme library with three built-in themes to choose from.

  • App Theme (Default Light Theme)
  • Dark Theme
  • Black Theme

Custom Themes

This feature allows you to edit any of the app’s built-in themes and save it as a new custom theme.


GIF Showing Usage: