Zapier & Webhooks for Omnichannel

Rocket can trigger webhooks based upon different events:

  • Chat Start
  • Chat Close
  • Chat Taken
  • etc

All events use the same web hook and I would like to take a different action depending upon the trigger event.

How can I differentiate between these trigger events so Zapier can take a different action?

It is a pity the event name is not included in the JSON

Just use a different secret token for each event?

So you can read the token to tell you what event it is.

I think you can then use the id to track the user across the different events?

Someone else may have more input on this as it is not something I have much experience with.

You really just need to setup a test bed and read the incoming JSON responses to see what occurs.

You may also want to check the APIs.

Can’t as all events use the same webhook and same secret token.

Separate webhooks per action?

All actions share a single webhook.

See screenshot above.

I meant can you use separate webhooks for each action?

Each would have it’s own ‘action’ ID so you know which action called it.

I’d imagine they’d have the same id or userid so you can line that together?