Will not display Jellyfin video preview in app as in desktop view

Today I tried to make a video showing how to use the Rocket.Chat mobile app to connect to my website 1.n2bible.net installed with self-hosted RocketChat, only to find something strange about the Jellyfin video preview between app view and desktop view. Take the two screenshots between for better understanding…

Above is the desktop view for a video uploaded to my Jellyfin server. Just a short description with text and the URL. So you see the preview has no problem showing the text and the embedded video for direct play. But the problem is, when I tried to see the same channel with the mobile app, this is what I see…

You see, the same view video is shown without embedding with only a link and the link is not clickable!

Wonder what I should do for the app view to function just as the desktop view. Any input or hint is appreciated.

No body else having this problem? Even the link is not clickable.

Looks like no one is using the fit-all-self-hosted-sites RocketChat app. Interesting. Then who is working on the customized form of app based on this fit-all app?