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Who use external SaaS for MongoDB

My current system is made manual in Ubuntu. I followed these steps and everything works fine: Rocket.Chat in Ubuntu - Rocket.Chat Docs

My problem is that I don’t want to manage mongodb from my server, I want to have it out with a SaaS like MongoDB Atlas. My question is: is it possible? I’m asking because I see that RocketChat needs engine: mmapv1 and … replSetName: rs01

I am completely inexperienced using MongoDB.

Hey Principe :wave:

Yes - you can. As far as storage engine goes - wired tiger is the new recommended one. mmapv1 is deprecated since 4.0. Most saas offerings are going to use wired tiger now so you don’t have to worry about that.

The replicaset - Deploy a Replica Set — MongoDB Cloud Manager

Once set up, all you need to do is point to the correct endpoint usinng MONGO_URL and MONGO_OPLOG_URL.