Where did UIKit docs go?

I can find links pointing to UI Kit pages but they are all 404. I am trying to add some action buttons to livechat but all the docs seem to have gone.

For example:


Dear @DigitalReach ,
Sorry to hear that, we’ve got some recent changes in our documentation structure.

If you’re looking for documentation on action buttons, I wanted to let you know that I found a great resource that I think you’ll find valuable. You can access it at the following link: ui/UIActionButtonContext | Rocket.Chat Apps TypeScript Definition

And here is a snippet as an example to use the action button:

// In your main class
protected async extendConfiguration(configuration: IConfigurationExtend): Promise<void> {
		await configuration.ui.registerButton({
			actionId: 'SomeCoolActionId',
			labelI18n: 'i18n_label',
			context: UIActionButtonContext.ROOM_ACTION,

And to deal with the click action:

// main class
public async executeActionButtonHandler(
		context: UIKitActionButtonInteractionContext,
		read: IRead,
		http: IHttp,
		persistence: IPersistence,
		modify: IModify,
	): Promise<IUIKitResponse> {
		try {
			const { user, triggerId, actionId } = context.getInteractionData();
			switch (actionId) {
				case 'SomeCoolActionId':
					//Some code
					return context.getInteractionResponder().successResponse();

			return { success: true };
		} catch (error) {
			return { success: false };

I hope this helps you.

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