When force ssl is set to true, where should I put the certificate files


I’m using rocketchat server version 0.70.4 and I’m using its livechat feature.

Livechat works great but now we want to set SSL for the server so that chat messages are encrypted over the wire.
We set force ssl to true, the server now redirects all http to https but without a certificate it won’t work, my only problem is : where should I put the certificate files ?

I searched and didn’t find a button to upload or set certificate pathes, also the documentation assumes either a snap install and we installed rocketchat manually or assumes we’re going to run the server behind a reverse proxy which we don’t want to do.

OS: ubuntu 18.04 64bit
Mongodb version: 4.0.3
rocketchat version: 0.70.4
nodejs: 8.11.3
npm: 5.6.0