User Chat Export


I’m trying to understand how the user data export works. I’m running RocketChat from Docker.

From what I understand, when a user requests their data it gets compiled and saved to disk. What happens next?

  1. Does the user then get an e-mail with a link to download the file?
  2. If so, does the link require the user to login with their credentials before downloading?
  3. Is there any way for me (the admin) to see the queue for user data requests? Or a history?
  4. What happens if I “docker compose down” while the system is still compiling the export? Will it resume when I re-create the container?

Since I am using containers, I assume that when the container gets deleted, the exported data would also be deleted.

After checking, it looks like the system has a table in the database for exports. From what I can tell, this keeps track of what has been saved.

When I cycled the Docker container, it looks like files were deleted from /tmp (as expected). That means that the database is likely out-of-sync, where it says that parts of the export are complete.

Is that accurate?

And what if I delete the export entry from the table, as a way to cancel the export? Does that break anything?