Upload files Facebook Livechat


Hi Guys,

I want to know if is possible to send files throught facebook chat to an agent, using the facebook livechat integration.

I’ve seen this new feature on the rocket.chat beta version to livechat, but didn’t work to send files/images through facebook.

Its possible?


Hi @pngsk8!

Sharing files on Livechat it’s a new feature, so we need to work on our Facebook Omnichannel gateway to handle shared files on Facebook.
We will work to on this feature, but, unfortunately it’s not yet in our short-term roadmap.

But thanks for bringing this question, I would suggest that you create a new issue on github describing your requirement, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.


Hi @renato.becker ,

I understand, I already imaginated that it was not possible, but I wanted to confirm. I’ll create the suggestion to this resource on github.

Thank you!!