Upgrade to 5.0.6 got some error


  1. If I input file path like N:\123\456. It’s will show smiley icon at ":"
  2. I has set font size.When I upgrade to 5.0.6.It’s font size too small.

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 5.0.6
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20
  • Deployment Method: snap
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • DB Replicaset Oplog:
  • NodeJS Version: v14.18.3
  • MongoDB Version: 4.2.17
  • Proxy:
  • Firewalls involved:

Any additional Information


We are doing a lot of changes in the message parser.

Please, check here for all the issues we have mapped so far:

Please, always test on our latest version 5.1.3.