Rocket Chat ver 13.3. Keep losing emoticons

Hi Just FYI, Really minor, but since we have updated to Rocket Chat version 13.3 we have a couple of users that keep losing their emoticons in Rocket Chat. When you go to use them, they are just gone and typing in colon, close parenthesis results in colon, close parenthesis instead of the emoji. It seems to come and go and its not really a huge deal but all of our people use them to acknowledge reading a message. One of the users is on windows 10 and the other is on windows 7 SP1.

What is Rocket.Chat version 13.2? Server version is 0.70, Android, Electron and iOS clients have different version numbers.

Hmm Im not sure I follow, maybe I am in the wrong forum. I was talking about the pc rocket chat application, it says the latest update is 13.3.