Upgrade from 0.70 to latest version on system using MongoDB 5.x

I have a customer using Centos 7 who is using Rocket.Chat 0.70 and MongoDB 5.x and due to security cannot access the internet. The customer wants me to upgrade to the latest version of rocket.chat. So how do you suggest I do this.

  1. Can I upgrade major versions under MongoDB 5.x
  2. How can I obtain rhel7 rpms to do this without internet.

MongoDB 5.x
rocket.chat 0.70
Centos 7

Thanks for your support in advance


You can use MongoDB with our latest (4.8.0) version. No problems.
Check here our compatibility matrix

The β€œproblem” here is that 0.70 is really old. A LOT have changed.

With that said, a good practice here is not going directly into 4.8.0 instead:

  • do a back (of course)
  • spin up a 0.70 docker deployment
  • restore your data on this staging department
  • start migrating from major to major, do not skip majors. like 0.7.0 β†’ 1.X β†’ 2.X β†’ 3.X β†’ 4.X
  • test :slight_smile:

the idea is to make it possible to run all the required DB migrations.

If everything went smooth, do a new backup and plan for the migration in production.