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Upcoming changes to identity management integrations

Thanks for your post @7tsstlix and apologies for the delayed reply.

We’ve been busy working on clarification update and digesting community feedback since the Community Open Call.

The Pro Edition will continue to have all features marked as CE in this updated clarified document. Can you please check to see if they satisfy your needs.

In any case, Pro Edition users will not observe any changes before their renewal.

Thanks for the post @_ff

LDAP filtering will remain implemented in CE.

There is no need to disengage.

We’ve been busy working on clarification update and digesting community feedback since the Community Open Call.

Thank you for your continued support of RC.

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Gatekeeping the user sign-in functionality (even advanced features) seems very short-sighted in that it slows the adoption decision of the platform as a whole to new deployments and potential customers. I am sure that your company valuation is directly linked to the number of deployments and number of users reached, even if they are non-paying users.

Also charging for every user able to login into the system is very hard to justify in many deployment cases that would want to pay for Rocket.Chat, since not all users that can access the chat are valued equally when assessing a ROI calculation.

Why don’t you guys consider charging for the omnichannel agent support thing? It seems very Corporate EE oriented and probably more interesting to charge for feature unlock and also per agent seat as it has a more clear ROI for companies using Rocket Chat.

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Thank you very much @paul for these very well thought-out, constructive and practical suggestions.

I sincerely hope you can join us for the upcoming roadmap reveal and our next Community Open Call.

It seems that also SAML mappings and Clockdrift feature is removed from CE. It means that RC becomes useless for us. How long is version 3.x supported?
Fortunately, Zulip has a migration feature: Import from Rocket.Chat (Zulip Help Center) :+1:

For me was the only reason, why i selected Rocket Chat in the first place, that the security/login features are not an extra or upsale.
This is a big deterioration and i’ll start looking for a diffrent solution.
The push notification change was understandable and reasonable but this is not.
Also the Link for identity-management-ee-vs-ce is not working, this should be the correct one Link

Ok, than switching to MS Teams. I have argued to our CEO that open source is the right decision and that RC is a nice and open Tool. But we’ve got alle Exchange accounts and Teams is is part of it.
So no questions we have to switch.

Whats a shame about it is, what others here are mentioning, you can’t know whats the next feature is which is scraped from the CE version.


After reading about all of the upcoming plans and cut down of LDAP sanchronization features is really sad to hear.

We are currently using Rocket.Chat with over 100 users synced to our LDAP server, the question for us would be, how long will you support the CE with security updates for versions lower than 4.0.x like 3.18.1?

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We also convinced and support a few organizations that rely on the feature syncing LDAP groups to RocketChat channels. But they have not calculated a budget for the enterprise version.

If RocketChat would not be willing to backport security fixes to RC 3.18.1 maybe we could organize that as a community effort.


We are not going to update either unless background sync is included. We are corruently exploring Zulip if it will be valid replacement. There is migration feature, they got push notifications free as well so no need to build custom apps.


Will there be LTS for 3.18?

@dsh Please see Getting Support for LTS policy. Please join our upcoming Community Open Call to get your questions answered.

Hi @rasos , great to “meet” you again. Please join our upcoming Community Open Call if you can.

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Thanks for posting @schulz. Please see Getting Support for the LTS policy.

Thanks for posting, @rcadmin. The Clockdrift feature should be in CE.

Please see Getting Support for LTS policy, and please join our upcoming Community Open Call if you can.

I am under no obligation to explain to you how I use this software, it’s one of the benefits of using open source software, I could be maintaining rocketchat for a bunch of orphanages in Africa or an evil dictator’s personal server, it’s still not OK what you did and the messaging is confusing, I still am not sure what the actual changes are. We already have O365, so moving to Teams is a no brainer, but I will wait until you bring back the stolen Sync button LDAP Missing Background Sync Options · Issue #23423 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat · GitHub and then re-evaluate the situation.

Hi @tomaszd

I’ve just commented on the issue. Manual sync and background sync are part of Enterprise Edition. Basic user data sync is still part of CE.

This is very confusing. During the last month I have sent couple of emails to your sales without any responses. How could we even think about buying licenses if your sales doesn’t reply to offer requests? Here is something really weird going on…

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SAML SSO authentication with ADFS is not working anymore since you can’t configure custom authentication context. And the default if login/password and you need windows authentication for SSO to work.

Add to this great security issue in mobile clients which is not addressed for several months:

So bye rocketchat hello zulip

What a pity. RC has many issues, but I lived with those, as at least it had some basic features. Now, you’re taking apart those basic features and forcing users to pay for something some of them even contributed in the past. I’m afraid you’re heading to a complete failure.

I really hope this can be forked into a proper open source project, but as for now, I’m another one who leave the boat and will look for greener fields, and obviously I won’t recommend to anyone this piece of software.

I know everyone needs to pay the bills, but in an open source business, you need to take care of the community, or you won’t last any longer. I do not know the brain behind those ‘brilliant’ ideas you had lately, but they are heading you to ruin.

In a world with ‘free’ services from the behemoths like google or microsoft, one must be more creative than forcing community members to become paid members, because you’re not the only open source solution out there, and really you’re not the cheapest one either. So, if I have to pay someone, I will pay to someone who doesn’t take profit of community contributions and monetize them.

Your product, your rules. That’s sure. But I think you’re shooting in your feet.