Unread messages counter doesn't work occasionally

Rocket Chat version : 4.4.1

From time to time we don’t receive subscriptions-changed event from the stream-notify-user stream.
Due to that, the unread messages count doesn’t increase.
It happens randomly. For example we may have a working unread messages counter for a week or two.
Then it stops working for a several days or a half of a day. And then it starts working again.

Note, that when subscriptions-changed doesn’t come, simultaneously HTTP GET subscriptions.get method
returns unread: 0 despite we know for sure that corresponding user has unread messages.

Such situation appears for several months and we by no means can control this rocket chat behaviour.

Hi! Welcome to our forums :slight_smile:

This is certainly one of those hard to get issues.

We will need more info to replicate or understand what can cause this.

Do you have any retention policy in configured?

Also since 4.4.1, a lot have changed, and we would first need to replicate it on latest.