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How to get unread message count of private channels for a user

I have tried using api/v1/subscriptions.get which gives unread: 0 for private channels

Hi @nishlashakya welcome to our forums!

According to our doc:

This response will depend on a setting in:
Admin > General

It doesn’t state what is this configuration exactly.
I’ll investigate on that and hopefully we can improve this doc

Can you check what are the configurations for:
Unread Count
Unread Count for Direct Messages

I will bookmark this thread and try to do some tests later this week,
but let me know if those settings might be the ones changing the outcome you expect.


thanks for the reply. I tried the admin general setting but the users [not admin] does not give the unread count.

Ok! I will try to replicate that, Maybe we need to open up an issue for that.

Can you please confirm:

when requesting with the admin, it does show the private messages count

when requesting with a regular user, it doesn’t show the private messages count


Yes, that’s the case I am facing

do I need to open an issue?

We would :heart: it


I will eventually try to replicate on a fresh new install on latest version (4.2.2), so documenting the exact steps is necessary to escalate this with our devs.

thanks please let me know when can we expect the solution. I’ll create an issue from my side

Ok! For refere,e when you do it, can you post it here?


Hi @dudanogueira ,

When can we expect the solution to this?

hi! I can precise you this :frowning:

But hopefully this will be soon. :slight_smile:

ping! anything here?