Unable to list members in mobile

Hello. Firstly, thank you for this amazing platform. We are using it more and more and are encouraging our customers to sign up at official RC site if they wish to use it.

I seem to have a problem listing users in mobile app for both IOS and Android. We are using the latest build for both cases (as of 20 Apr 2020).

It shows up as blank, even clicking on ALL shows nothing.

Maybe this has already been reported and please ignore or ref this to an existing topic.

Thank you

can you upload screenshots?

thank you

Hi Alex

Here’s my screen. It’s the latest IOS build that i am using.

Image 1: Shows we have 18 members in general channel

Image 2: I click on members (shows nothing)

Image 3: I try to search a name (shows nothing)

Hope this helps with understanding the problem. Let me know if you need further info. I am the admin of the platform, so i don’t really think it’s permission related?

Sorry for making 3 posts, it doesn’t allow to post 3 images at once for “new” users.

Thank you

Same here and also newest snap (server 3.1.1 and mobile app ver. Web is ok, the issue persist only in mobile app.
I also noticed that in mobile app statuses of users are not refreshing. I still see in mobile app online status of user which I was talking to many hours ago but he is really offline for many hours.
Before update from 2.4 server everything was ok.