The Ultimate Guide: Upgrading RocketChat Deployed in Docker and Upgrading MongoDB

After much work, I developed a simple guide to upgrade Docker deployed RocketChat.
I have a step by step guide to upgrade MongoDB from 4.x to 5.0 and get rid of the dreaded deprecated messages.

That’s really nice.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the kudo. I needed to de-mystify this process. I had two buddies that kept asking if I could make this easier. I read several posts where folks were installing new RocketChat and getting Mongo 4.0 with mmap which immediately was marked deprecated. Hopefully this will guide them step by step through the upgrade process prior to RocketChat v5.0.

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Nice, thanks! Could you consider making a guide on moving a Rocket.Chat instance to another server? I feel like this and updating the database are the two most confusing issues.

@steve5050 In the first part of this video you will notice where I had my instance loaded in /home/scott and I moved it to /opt/rocketchat which was a prerequisite to performing the database upgrade. The first part of the upgrade also does a dump of the database.

Knowing those two things, moving RocketChat to another server is easy. My Rocketchat guide is designed for RocketChat deployed in Docker and that makes it very “movable”.

In my case, my server instance is a LXD container and so the docker is nested inside that container. I have another video on installing RocketChat and also several videos that address LXD containers. Overall, I think all the pieces to the puzzle for pulling off a move are here. If not, perhaps we can chat sometime. Say hi on my RocketChat server at

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Oh, and you are so right about how confusing the mongodb update was. I battled it for a few months and decided it needed to be a video after all my grief.

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