The ability to configure what User Preferences options are visible to users


Would like for an admin to be able to configure via the Admin console what sections of the current User Preferences are visible to users. Perhaps this can go in Admin/Layout.

For example, in the below screenshot the admin could configure which of LOCALIZATION/GLOBAL/USER PRESENCE (and etc below that) sections are available in the user gui.



@guilherme.gazzo and @jaytat0 Do you think we can add this configuration on Admin Permissions?


@thiagosanchez Yes, I think that would work


hey @jaytat0 look this image:

inside the tab “notifications” insert more one option “allow user overwrite” or something like that (for each config the user could change)


@guilherme.gazzo the feature request is actually for an admin to be able to configure whether the different sections (LOCALIZATION, GLOBAL, USER PRESENCE, etc) appear or not in the user’s User Preferences, not for the user to be able to overwrite them.


@thiagosanchez @guilherme.gazzo How do you feel about this proposal: in the Admin Console, under admin/Layout, below the User Interface section we add a new section called User Preferences.

In that section, just as the User Interface section has “Display Roles”(True/False), we have “Display Localization Settings”, “Display Global Settings”, etc.

If we can get agreement on that design we have someone that could get started on putting it in. Let me know your thoughts.