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Ways to customize user configuration area

We’re working on integrating Rocket.Chat into our platform, and we’re wondering if there are any recommended ways / best practices to customize Rocket.Chat user frontend. Specifically, we’d like to prevent users from changing their email/username/etc. - and seems Rocket.Chat administrator can disable those settings from editing, while we prefer hiding them from user interface altogether. Perhaps, that can be achieved with a custom plugin of some kind?

And yes, we’ve seen “Rocket.Chat Apps” section in the forum but couldn’t locate any beginner guidelines there. The concept looks like something we could use but we’re not sure where to start from.

Thank you for all the help.

Start with a good read through here.

Apps are really plugins to extend functionality and I am not sure that is what you are after.

Simple customisations you can do via customs CSS etc.

But you will likely need to build your own code - the front end is React.