Task Manager for Groups



Project Description: Adding a tool in groups to plan, organize, and manage teams’ work, from start to finish. The task panel will have the following features:-

  • Categorize the task.
  • Custom tags/labels and custom categories.
  • Assign the work to members.
  • Deadline date, work progress bar, attachments.
  • Comment on the tasks.
  • Subscribe the task to get notifications.
  • Start any task directly from the group’s message.
  • Collaboration with Github/Bitbucket to import/sync tasks/issues.
  • Arrange tasks to be done in sequential order.
    In addition to group task, there will be a user Personal task manager where a user can create a personal task, and see all the assigned task from his/her groups.

Rocket.Chat already has an implementation for storing data in MongoDB, using meteor create method. Parallel to the existing models for Users, Messages, etc. a new model(Tasks) will be implemented in rocketchat-models. Add functions, methods, for create, edit, complete, assign, Tags, etc. in packages.

Rest API can be built in parallel to existing Rocket.Chat REST API,
for task.create, task.edit, etc.
Schema Definition for Task(rough data)

Add front-end part(Meteor methods, HTML, CSS) using the (rough) designed template attached here.