Synchronization with LDAP

Hi, installed RC via snap
configured synchronization with LDAP, in my case it is MS AD
And appeared 2 issue.

  1. all users created in MS AD, including the blocked ones, were loaded into the system. Is there a way to remove massively users who do not belong to the group I need ( the necessary users are included in a separate group in AD ).
  2. users ’ chat displays their Login (sAMAccountName), whether you can change the chat to display Name (cn).

Hi there,

at the moment the multi user deletion isn’t implemented yet, but there is a pull request.
The easy way to display the names of your users is to map the names correctly. In the LDAP configuration at the Administration panel there is an option named “user atribute” in the synchronisation/Import tab where you can map the AD atribute which contains the name and email. For excample on our server the full name is to be found at the CN atribute so we are using a mapping which looks like this: {“cn”:“name”, “mail”:“email”}

For the first question I think you can’t yet, but you can remove the users from the channel, if you set the LDAP Group to Channel mapping, under settings --> LDAP --> Sync/Import

For the second question you need to “Use Real Name” under settings --> Layout --> User interface

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