Not all LDAP user/group combinations synced

Hi everybody,

we have a lot of users and groups in Active Directory an we’re trying to sync them with out Rocket Chat instance.
We’re using the user sync and we wrote a script that queries the AD for all groups and then generates the group->channel map and sets it via the REST API.

The group->channel map is complete and all users are there, but a lot of channels are empty that should have users in them.
We’ve looked at the usual suspects like the User Group Filter but that does what it’s supposed to do when executing it manually.

It seems that Rocket Chat either logs “[username] in group [groupname]” or “[username] not in group [groupname]” for every user/group combination it checks
but those lines are missing for a lot of the user/group combinations (not all though!)

We have to use pagination to query both the users and the groups. Could that be the issue?


At a guess yes, but you would need to check and see what is missing.

Can you dump it all in to one text file and then read from there contiguously as a test to see that it works and where the problem is?