Succesfully installed Rocket.Chat, everything worlks great. Need help in fixing Nginx/Caddy

Hi, I succesfully installed Rocketchat server on a Ubuntu server 18.04 VM with DOCKER and NGINX in my home LAN and works great. So I know the installation is fine.
But now I need to fix the installation according my home LAN specifications that has other 2 servers.

Basically my situation is as below

Internet ===> Router port 443 ===>  Caddy proxy server ====> http://server1
                                                       ====> http://server2
                                                       ====>  (wish to do this) r server

Basically my Caddy Proxy server forwards all encrypted communication to the appropriate server inside my LAN  ====>                    ======> http://server1
                                          Caddy proxy server  ====>                    =====>  http://server2

In order to make ROCKETCHAT work in my environment, I think I have 2 option
a) make all internat communication of RocketChat unencrypted but I guess will not work
b) make Caddy passthorught all the communications towards the ROCKETCHAT server =====> direct to rockechat server inside LAN (https)
c) othe rsolutions?

I hope I made myself clear

On another forum, they suggested to use Caddy on the other server with the instructiuon as per ROCKETCHAT documentation, then what do I have to do in the ROCHETCHAT installation, I guess disable NGINX and what else?

Will Jitsi still work?