Status per channel


We have the need for users to have a different status per channel, for example to be “online” on one channel, but “invisible” on another. Can this be implemented? We are willing to offer a bounty if necessary.


I can see the use cases of this.

But implementing this could be incredibly complicated. Currently presence is global. So when you disconnect it’s just the one status to implement. Imagine if you went offline and were in 100 channels. Your status would have to be updated in the 100 channels. Then again when you came back on to your desired status.


I suppose it would be done as the ability to add an “exception” status on one channel, which is different to the global status.

The issue with 100 channels sounds like it would just add a bit of load rather than being complex to implement.


Where would I offer a bounty to have the “exception” status on a channel idea added? Thanks.