Slow download of images

I noticed that the files are downloaded at a very low speed.

We have an instance at Digital Ocean with 8 GB / 4 vCPUs.
we installed the system through the DO marketplace and it works very well, however the download of images shared by users is very slow downloading the images in about 100Kbps over a 500Mbps connection

I believe that this slowness also causes another problem, the delay in displaying the images contained in the messages.

I would like to know if anyone has gone through this and knows how to solve it or if there is any place to configure these limits.

Server Setup Information

|Versão da Apps Engine|1.11.2|
|Migração de banco de dados|170|
|Data da migração do banco de dados|6 de Junho de 2020 às 11:11|
|Instalado em|25 de Maio de 2020 às 09:44|
|Tempo online|10 dias, 1 horas, 1 minutos, 24 segundos|
|ID instalação|prnqk77WpmYHeQxAQ|
|Instâncias em execução|1|