Single Click Invite from Contacts list


If chats can be started via Contacts as per this feature request, then it will be very important to be able to invite users from this same view. Ideally this could be accomplished via a single click, which would cause this:

to change visual state to this:

to indicate that the invite had been sent.

In this implementation, the invites can be formatted and sent via the server using the existing invite functionality, which is currently supported for inviting via email but for which I have proposed an enhancement to also be able to invite via SMS in this feature request. This feature is currently only supported for Admins using the web client so it will need to be expanded to allow regular users to send invites.

Ideally the state would change to “invited” once the server had acknowledged that an invite had been sent to that user.


As mentioned in this comment, sending invites through SMS or E-Mail or a slash like /invite first requires proper handling of new users arriving at a private channel by clicking on a link such as Currently, fresh contacts are facing a 404 error, instead of being shown a login/register button.