Running RC 6.5.0. Why is RC suggesting we upgrade to 6.4.6?

Last week we upgraded to RocketChat 6.5.0

Why do I see a message now at the top of every screen suggesting we ‘upgrade’ to 6.4.6?

Tracked this down to a weakness in the version change system. Once Rocket.Cat announces a new version it adds the upgrade message to the top of the screen. The message remains there until it is dismissed by the user by clicking the close button to the right of the banner.

Subsequent upgrade messages are added ‘behind’ the first one, so clearing the “upgrade to 6.4.6” message replaced it with an “Upgrade to 6.4.7” message and so on until all had been dismissed.

Knowing this I’ll just dismiss the messages, but the version change code should automatically remove any superseded 'Upgrade" banners.