RocketChat using NFS - permission denied

RocketChat file upload to NFS not working, rocketchat service log showing as “EACCES:permission denied”.

Verified on the folder path “/home/rocketchat/uploads”, the permissions are 777 with rocketchat user.
Rocketchat portal set FileSystem path to “/home/rocketchat/uploads” however still not working


Was it deployed using snap or docker?

also, have you consider storing it in GRIDFS? That way you have both data and files at the same place, and can scale it easier if needed.


Hi duda,

It was deployed usually manual installation on Ubuntu. We are moving from GRIDFS to NFS, therefore testing on NFS instead. Until today I am still facing the same issue “Error: EACCES: permission denied, open ‘/rocketchat/uploads/tDSRMcxjoWcGuk6YN’ [ufs: cannot upload file]”

that folder (or whatever folder you configure to hold the uploaded files) needs to be writable by the same user that runs Rocket.Chat process.

That’s a deployment issue, and certainly not an issue with Rocket.Chat :grimacing: