RocketChat shows "undefined" when sharing pictures from Nextcloud/Webdav


I have the latest RocketChat and Nextcloud version but after connecting a Nextcloud-Server to and clicking the (+) button the file list of the Webdav folder appears.
Then i select a file. In the next dialog i enter a description and press “send”.
The file does not appear in the chat - it only displays a error on top “undefinded”.
How to fix this issue.
Note: It’s the same like the below link:

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The fix has been merged. It will either be already in 3.14.x or in 3.15 to be released next week


I have update to the latest rocket chat version. Now upload from nextcloud to rocket chat and download from rocket chat to nextcloud are working without any problem only the problem when we download a file from rocket chat to nextcloud larger than 1 MB not working but file smaller than 1 MB is working without an problem.