Rocket Chat optimization


Hey everyone :slight_smile:
I have self-hosted Rocket Chat with 15 users. Server has 2 CPU and 2 GB RAM. Rocket Chat is served with nginx. Unfortunately channels load so slow. Especially if this channel has a lot of messages. Could I do something to speed up Rocket Chat ? Server is used about 1 GB RAM, and pretty low CPU.



How many messages is โ€˜a lotโ€™?

How is the server deployed? (Docker, Snap, etc)


Thanks for reply.
I donโ€™t know how to count this messages. I have bots which send messages to this channels. One message has about 370 words (4211 chars). Few messages per day.

Deploy: manual installation. I installed MongoDB, NPM, download rocketchat source and run. This tutorial:
I have Debian 9


Is it just channels with these huge messages that take a long time to load? Or is it all channels even channels with normal sized messages?


Every channels load quite slow, but these bigger channels load very slow. Maybe there is a possibility to optimize MongoDB by modify configurations or something ?


Its possible that moving mongo to its own box would help things. Especially on some VPS providers who over allocate boxes. Also using mongo mmapv1 storage engine is known to make some difference in performance.


I think that it will not do anything. Load average is around 0.10 usually and max 0.50. Query time ~ 2-3ms
Maybe there are some cache settings in RocketChat ?