Rocket.Chat Mongo Database


I have Rocket.Chat running inside of Docker Swarm (stack file). I have an old RC, and I built a new RC. I want to move all the messages, and channels from the old RC to the new RC. I just want the messages and channels nothing else.

Can I just take the messages/channel files from the old RC and upload them to the new RC? Also, is there any other files I need to -out for just messages and channels
From Rocket.Chat Folder


From the Metaor Folder


I got these files by running this in my mongo container.
mongodump --db rocketchat --out /var/backups/mongobackups/
mongodump --db meteor --out /var/backups/mongobackups/
mongodump --db admin --out /var/backups/mongobackups/


Update: I made folders(rocketchat and meteor) with just those files and did

mongorestore --db rocketchat --drop ./var/backups/just/rocketchat
mongorestore --db meteor --drop ./var/backups/just/meteor

I see some messages but still not all messages.

So far I see the rooms(channels) in the admin room search but I do not see the rooms popping up on the left handside.

I hope it is just loading slowly. Oh and I believe I lost the data for new RC.


Update: I do not see the rooms popping up in the search bar but i do see the rooms in the admin room search. So, I think the left side bar where the rooms/channels should show the rooms are not showing. Why would they not show?