Rocket Chat is demanding registration and is holding my data hostage

I have been using RocketChat on a self hosted instance for over two years.
Today, I try to log in as usual and I am greeted by this form:

I have absolutely no interest in using cloud features and I absolutely do not consent to your privacy policy.

You have effectively locked my out of my own instance and are holding over two years of my personal data hostage in order to coerce my into registering.

This is completely unacceptable and akin to a ransomware. In fact it may even violate the GDPR. It has become painfully obvious that Rocket Chat is no longer a trustworthy open source project.

I want to stop using Rocket Chat immediately but being locked out my own admin panel, I cannot export my messages.

Please provide me with a solution.


I agree with your concern about this stupid cloud registration nonsense, I too was “greeted” by this and have concerns about it.
you can export all the data from your rocketchat instance via a mongodump command outside of rocketchat, there are alternatives that I haven’t tried yet like zulip that claims to be able to import most rocketchat data from a dump

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