Rocket.Chat Falling

Hi, my server with Rocket Chat is crashing … I do not like to snap and I decided to install by git clone but command: meteor --allow-superuser or meteor run --allow-superuser temporarily runs RocketChat and quits SSH, the server crashes … nohub or & also does not work

How to make RocketChat run permanently ??

What are the commands … I saw in the package.json and I executed all the script commands … none worked … what makes me think I’m doing something wrong is that “Commit Branch: develop”

Help me plz …


You should never try to run from the meteor command. Please see our documentation for running on other platforms. Using meteor should only be considered for development.

meteor npm start no work

Aaron, your documentation is incomplete … there says that I should use snap and in some parts Docker … I do not want to use Snap and I do not want to use Docker, I must be forced to use a crap from a Snap to be able to run RocketChat ??? I want to make a gitclone and make it run … how do I do it? in its documentation does not have, I already rolrei it.


Aaron, sua documentação está incompleta… lá diz que que eu devo usar snap e em algumas partes Docker… não quero usar Snap e não quero usar Docker, devo ser obrigado a usar uma porcaria de um Snap pra conseguir executar o RocketChat??? quero fazer um gitclone e fazer rodar… como faço isso? na sua documentação não tem, já revirei ela.

No reason to get angry…

Like I said… please see our documentation. I’m not sure where you are going, but on our official docs located: you will find all sorts of instructions. This specifically is excluding the docker options and going direct to manual installations.

Even if you goto ubuntu page you’ll see it suggests snap but then gives manual installation instructions:

All of our official docs are instructions for deploying using a build bundle we have tested.

Thanks but you dont help me

The solution is run in background… second plan on ssh server…

This is correct anwser…