REST API users.list how to query the eppn

Hi everyone,

I updated Rocket.Chat to the 3.9.1 and I believe since the 3.6 the eppn value of a User ist not anymore hardcoded is not possible to query it from the API.

I explain it better:

before the 3.6 if a User was logged in with the SAML Authentication, got a eppn value (identifier), which was easy to query with the users.list API
It worked pretty fine.

But now it is impossible to get a User per API with his eppn.

I tried to do something like: api/v1/users.list?query={“servies.saml.eppn”:“value”}, which in MongoDB works pretty fine, but I got the error “Invalid query parameter provided” from the “parseJsonQuery”

Does anyone has an idea about it?

Thank you very much!