Rename Rocket.Chat Apps to Rocket.Chat Plugins


Personally, I feel that ‘apps’ doesn’t explain to the average Joe what it is. ‘Apps’ suggests a mobile client. ‘Plugins’ would suggest that it’s an extension of the existing software.


They used to be called Rocketlets, however the Marketing team and @gabriel.engel settled on the name Apps.

Edit: To everyone wondering, this decision is not up to the community to decide. This was a decision made by @gabriel.engel and one which is not up for decision as decided and said by him.

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Let me explain the decision, and what we considered.

Rocketlets - Fun, but if you have to explain it, it is not good enough for non technical people.

Plugins - More semantically correct, but is not what the chat industry is adopting.

Apps - Are becoming the industry standard:


@gabriel.engel I agree 100%

We do live in a ‘App Society’ these days :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to see we can agree on somethings! :smile: :heart:


@gabriel.engel Haha, I agree with you 99% of the time mate. I share your passion around communication and culture building using a chat platform like this.

Apologies if my GitHub rant came across as negative or attacking anyone, that is absolutely not my intention.

Everything I say comes from a place of true passion and love for the Rocket.Chat project (and respect for what you have created) I want nothing more than to see Rocket.Chat become the most successful chat platform in the world. If you ask the people around me, They’ll probably tell you that Rocket.Chat is all I talk about all day every day.

I cant express in words how passionate I am about this project and the community, It’s a second home on the internet for me.



I can understand that, I think you can image how passionate I am about this project, this is my ikigai!


That’s why we should talk on a video conference sometimes, because online only conversations can be dangerous when there is a lot of passion involved :slight_smile:

Thanks for being part it! :heart_eyes: