Recommended mongodb version?

I was thinking, my current setup has mongodb version 3.4.5 running in docker, no problems there. I picked this version specifically because it was recommended in the rocketchat documentation. But I know it would work fine with other version and I have seen others mention they use version 3.6.

So what version is REALLY recommended? Is there a benefit by using a newer version than 3.4.5? What is the maximum supported version that supports?

Ok this can all be summed up in that I am just curious in the limitations has towards mongodb.

Good question. I do use 3.4.17 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. In the docs

I see 3.4 version, but don’t know if this is still recommended.

Thank you for your reply!

I see 3.4 version, but don’t know if this is still recommended.

That is exactly why I made this post, I wanted to know if it’s still relevant, and if there is any specific requirements that requires certain versions of mongodb. It’s a bit unclear in that area.

As of Meteor 1.7 looks like Mongo 3.6 is officially supported. We’ll be upgrading to Meteor 1.7 soon I believe.

We use Meteor 3.6 several places seems to work great.

Officially I think we still say 3.4 -

But since we’ll be upgrading to Meteor 1.7 … Mongo 3.6 will soon become recommended

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