Receive Payments in RocketChat

How might it be possible for Rocket.Chat to enable users to pay/fund/tip/financially gift?
Is this functionality in any way present in Rocket Chat already?
Are there integrations with other software which can now or might in the future make this possible?

For example, if you were livestreaming a video and had a chat window for the audience to interact with the stream, is there a way the audience could donate funds to the live streamer?

On some other platforms with a chat this is doable:

DLive has a system where people can donate “lemons” which have a financial value.

Odysee allows the chat to donate LBC, the Odysee Crypto, or even use credit card to make direct cash payments.

There is a chat system here called “Superchats” where the chat can donate funds, and Youtube take a hefty percentage.

What about Rocket.Chat?