Realtime api - get notified when new room is created

which realtime api i should use to subscribe so that i can get notified with room id and token when new room is created?


I am not sure you can subscribe to that on realtime api. I would need to dig it deeper to be sure, but usually the user will not get a notification of that, unless he is part of the channel.

For monitoring this kind of event globally, you can leverage Rocket.Chat Apps, using the Event Interface, as described in:


Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

so what i did is ,i created a server and added that URL link
under Omnichannel->webhook and configured that to trigger this as on “chat start”
by this approach i am geting the roomID and visitor token :grinning:

Ah, ok.

That will work only for the Livechat room type in Omnichannel, and not for the team collaboration (other channels and teams, etc)

But if that’s what you want, no need to create an App for that :slight_smile: