Livechat stream room

Hi everyone, I’m trying subcribe to a livechat room after i created following the document here
after that I have a token of client, I want stream all message in that room, i get infomation of that room by Postman

and I subcribe this channel by this code (i use “ddp” module)

ddpclient.connect(function(err, wasConnect){
console.log(“error !!”)
if (wasConnect) {
console.log(‘Reestablishment of a connection.’);


], function(err, res){
          if(err) console.log(err);


Result is alway that response
{ isClientSafe: true,
error: 400,
reason: ‘Match failed’,
message: ‘Match failed [400]’,
errorType: ‘Meteor.Error’ }

please tell me what can i resolve this problem ??

Please, replace the token argument by visitorToken.

This field has been changed as we can see here: